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The blog

This blog began in 2010, a year away from my graduation from medical school, having concluded that public health is my passion. I record my thoughts and experiences as I gradually learn what the world is like, and what might be done about it.

The name of the blog is from a Talking Heads song I like. It came out the same year as I did. In this context: ‘People’ because the social questions in public health are the ones I find most fascinating (so I’m mostly writing about people and what they do and how they interact), and ‘slippery’ because you mostly can’t and shouldn’t force people to do what you think is best, and because you usually don’t understand them as well as you might think you do. Lastly, sexual health is one of my major interests—use your imagination.

All uncredited photos were taken by me or one of my friends.

The author

Professionally, I am a second-year medical resident (meaning a doctor doing my postgraduate training) studying public health in Montreal since July 2011. I’m not yet fluent in French, but I aim to get there. I’m originally from Vancouver, where I studied mathematics and computer science, and then medicine, at the University of British Columbia. Personally, I’m white, Canadian, English-speaking, male, heterosexual, cis-gendered, and have never lived in poverty, and I’m working on figuring out how all that influences my perspective.

I enjoy holding parties for my friends, holding forth on philosophical matters, holding still during yoga, holding my bicycle over my head (triumphantly), and not holding grudges.

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